There are times when we almost feel guilty saying we’re “going to work”. Because let’s face it, listening to great music, connecting with fabulous people (artists, guests and a superb staff), watching creative performers and hosting a Dungeons and Dragons wedding, is a pretty amazing way to earn a buck.  This past month was indeed one of those months that left us wondering, “are we having too much fun to call this work?”. Perhaps yes, but we have no intention of stopping.  And in this a month of gratitude, we are ever so thankful that we are lucky enough to share this work with you ALL!

Live performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show RHPS at Colony Woodstock
Castaway Productions Presents ROCKY HORROR musical production with Live Band!


In the “Green Room”  with Forbidden Fruit preparing for showtime


Bruce Balmer and Lisa Markley perform for a happy crowd


A full house for an intimate Graham Dawson Sing-a-long


We’ll see you at the door!