Greetings from Colony Woodstock NY

A Letter from the Proprietors

Hello! We’re glad you would like to learn more about the Colony. As the proud owner-operators of this newly-renovated live music venue located in the heart of Woodstock, Lex and I would like to introduce ourselves and offer you a warm welcome. 

We moved to Woodstock almost ten years ago. Like so many others before us, we instantly fell in love with the village and the surrounding countryside. Going out, we would always hear about the glory days of Woodstock – the incredible artistic community, the many, storied nightspots and of course the world-class music heard in many different rooms and halls, almost every night of the week. There were, of course, many reasons why things changed over the years, but we believe there is still a very large and passionate community of music-lovers in the area that wants to come out for great music in a great room. 

The Colony Live Music Venue Bar Woodstock New York
“The Colony”

The Colony was and is a beautiful building – but it had seen better days.  Each time we went there to see music or comedy, we always pictured the ballroom as how, we would say, “we would do it.” We felt the Colony could be a world-class room – timeless like the Dome in Paris or Tosca in San Francisco. The hope was to make it feel original, old and eternal – like it’s always been there, unchanged, but well-loved, since 1929.

The town of Woodstock, along with the vast array of artists who have lived and worked and created in this hamlet since the beginning of the last century, has been somewhat overshadowed and even overwhelmed by the legendary 1969 festival that occurred some miles away, on a large farm in Bethel. We hope the Colony can perhaps offer a small alternative to that aesthetic and serve as a reminder of the astounding, and diverse, artistic ethic that pervaded Woodstock long before –  and indeed long after  – that fabled three day concert. We hope people walk in and feel like it’s a place they’ve been hanging out at forever, the place where their grandfather hung out, or the place where their parents met.

We offer the rejuvenation of the Colony to encourage the exciting and creative energy flowing into Woodstock and give the community a sense that nightlife is coming back to town – that folks are going out again and that there are places to go and eat, drink, see great music and art. We want the Colony to be a large and immovable cornerstone of the vibrant Woodstock music and art scene and to be the spot where all the artists and musicians can come together as a vibrant whole to cross-pollinate, collaborate and create a new experience – just as this exciting new Catskill Renaissance is taking hold.

We hope you come by, see a show, have a cocktail, and fall in love with the Colony just like we did.


Lex & Neil Howard