Wow, that was fun!

outdoor stage at colony in woodstock
In the early stages of the Colony renovations, we chose to celebrate the art and culture movement in Woodstock that existed well before the famed 1969 summer festival, which was actually held nearly 70 miles away from Woodstock in Bethel. Not that we have anything against the famed festival billed as the“Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music”. 

In fact, who wouldn’t appreciate a collective gathering of peace-loving humans merged with exceptional music in a gorgeous setting? Our reasoning was simple, the Colony building was in fact erected in 1929 when the area was experiencing the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony movement and from a design perspective, the two eras just didn’t mesh.

But then this past spring and early summer we experienced a growing interest from visitors and locals to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock 1969 and a noticeable void of events offered for such a celebration within the village of Woodstock itself. So we put on our collective thinking caps.
Thinking became talking. Talking lead to a conversation with singer, songwriter, artist and local legend Paul MacMahon. All of this thinking and talking became excitement about the possibility of doing a little something to mark the occasion. Next thing we knew, we were acquiring an outdoor event permit, ordering tents, designing and purchasing tie-dye shirts to commemorate the 1969 festival all for our very own “Woodstock 50/50” free concert and outdoor event. 


photo by Gloria Waslyn

Woodstock, after all, is rich with talented musicians and providing a venue where they can shine is an honor. Days passed, the word went out as an invitation to local musicians, stages were built, tents raised and we learned as we witnessed the transformation of the Colony back property that we could in fact successfully merge the two era’s (4 decades apart).
The event was a big hit and we had a blast!

photo by Gloria Waslyn

Paul and his team blended seamlessly with our team (all working tirelessly). Over 100 acts performed one after another without a problem as if by magic – not to mention the arrival of the 5 beautiful parrots of peace. Our lawn was filled with happy attendees and the weather even held out somewhat miraculously despite a grim forecast. We plan on making this the first of many such events.

Thank you to all who participated and came for the fun in the sun and shade!
colony celebrates woodstock 50